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Tools, training, and support to lead in your minority-majority context.

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Are you trying to lead alone? Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your relationships, and your work? Everyone deserves a guide to help them navigate life and leadership landmines.


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Contextualized Solutions For Everyday Leadership


An online membership designed for leaders in minority-majority contexts.


A practical, holistic approach to coaching with certified MyBLVD coaches.

MyBLVD Conference

An experience to help Christian leaders identify the divisions holding them back and give them tools to make lasting change.

Church Planting Cohort

A relevant, relational cohort experience to give you the training you need to lead your church today.



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Check out our City Syllabus, Coaching, Conference, and Church Planting Cohort!

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In Mark 12:30, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that the greatest commandment in all of Scripture is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Get free access to a practical framework that can help you love God more fully, understand yourself and your team and identify the types of leadership that might be missing or the types of friendships you might be longing for.

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Relevant Resources for Real Life Issues


City Syllabus is our library of resources tailored to help you become a healthy, holistic leader ministering in a minority-majority context.



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Gain access to training and coaching that’s designed for urban neighborhoods.

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