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An online community and resources to support you as you lead in your minority-majority context.

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Learning Community

Become a Healthy &
Holistic Leader

Are you trying to lead alone?

Just because you’re ministering in a minority-majority context doesn’t mean you have to do it without support. You deserve to have resources that take into account where God has called you to lead!


Equipping Leaders in Minority-Majority Contexts Through Resources and Relationships



Access a comprehensive library specifically designed for

urban ministry.



Gain the knowledge that helps you become both a listener and practitioner of God’s word.



Build genuine relationships that will help you take responsibility of where you live, work and worship.

We’ve Done That Before.

We started with little support and only a few resources at hand. That’s why we’re taking all our best research, training, and experience from the last decade and bringing it to your living room with the City Syllabus!

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Unlock new, practical, and contextual resources designed for

leaders just like you, every single week!



Get free access to relevant resources and a community board for collaborative learning with your peers!


  • Connection to a learning community
  • Resources for urban leaders
  • Webinar replays


Sign up to access all the resources the City Syllabus has to offer:


  • Downloadable PDFs & workbooks
  • Exclusive live webinars
  • Direct engagement with practitioners from a variety of different fields

For only $24.99 a month or $249 a year, you’ll be fueling your growth journey. Memberships automatically renew and you can cancel at any time.



Unleash your leadership potential with a certified MyBLVD Coach:


  • Access our network of coaches
  • Learn how to apply the City Syllabus to your life and context
  • Work with a coach to develop a personalized strategy to help you thrive where you live, work and worship 

Schedule regular coaching sessions, access the City Syllabus, and engage in an exclusive community for $224.99/month

Here's How it Works

Here's How It Works

Access Relevant Resources

Access a library full of training materials contextualized for urban ministry.

Join the Community

Come shoulder-to-shoulder with brothers and sisters who get your context.

Thrive on your Boulevard!

Become all God made you to be so you can do all He made you to do.

Ready to take your first step to
becoming a fully integrated leader?

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In Mark 12:30, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that the greatest commandment in all of Scripture is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Get free access to a practical framework that can help you love God more fully, understand yourself and your team and identify the types of leadership that might be missing or the types of friendships you might be longing for.

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Do all He made you to do.


Ditch the leadership solutions that don’t work. Don’t lead alone.


Gain access to community, training, and coaching that’s designed for your urban neighborhood.

Integrate Podcast

We face division in every part of our lives: within ourselves, within our relationships, and in our work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To live fully, we must integrate all that God has made us to be, with the work he has given us to do. This is MyBLVD’s Integrate podcast: Helping churches, non-profits and every day Christians identify the divisions holding them back and give them tools to make lasting change.